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27 August 2011 @ 09:24 pm
Minna, gomenasai.
Yesterday I wasn't able to post here because it was a bit too stressful.
First I had to watch over my little Sister and then I had to take care of my nice. Well, it was only for an hour but still. Then afterwards I went shopping with my parents and my little Sister. My Mother bought me a new book, since I've somewhat become obsessed with it over the last year. And then I've got new trouser from my mother as well. Afterwards I'd to go groceries shopping with my father, so that I could make dinner. Then my older Sister called and asked if we could lend her some money. I was so pissed afterwards since she always lends some money or food from us but never pays us back. But still, my mother lend her some and so I had to drive with my father and bring it to her. So I had only time for myself from 9pm onwards. and yet only for 2 hours. Then I had to help my father with his new DVD Player and with the new TV. Usually the new TV was for my little Sister but after I've run a test with it and found out that I can put my extern HDD via USB on it, I ask m father if we could change them and he agreed. So it took until 2.30am until we were done with everything. That was too late for me to post here like I promised. Today was somewhat not much better. First, I went with my father in the city again because I wanted to buy me the other books that I saw yesterday, as well as a laptop-stand with three fan's. Then my father had to do either something in the city. Afterwards we had to go groceries shopping again. Then I had to help my parents to prepare lunch. And after that I had my little Sister here in my room until just a few minutes ago. So I wouldn't post the HaruTake post like promised. That is because I found the second episode of Tokyo Friend Park 2 and want to watch it first before I write their post. maybe I'll write about an actor later this evening or before i go to bed, yet I wouldn't guarantee anything. Or if not that, I'll edit Takeru and Kamen Rider Den-O post, since I realized that their is still something missing. So yana!
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kim_hyeon_joong on August 28th, 2011 03:53 pm (UTC)
Was ist los mit dir?
sunny: HaruTakeluvjaewon on September 1st, 2011 12:45 pm (UTC)
aaaa meine kleine schwester hat mich an den tag geärgert gehabt. weißt du, sie mag es meistens mich wegen meines übergewichtes zu ärgern, deswegen war ich so sauer. ausserdem weil ich irgendwie im moment nicht so in der lage bin, so up zu daten wie ich will. aaahaaa live is difficult.