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I´m so hot

14 November 1989
Hi! I'm sunny!
I'm not so good to tell things about me. I'm a really nice person and everytime nice to other people. I'm from germany and I like Korea. When I could choose where I would like to live I would say in Korea or in USA. I like to listen to music. I like K-Pop, K-Rock, Rock, Pop,Rn'B. I Love H.O.T, JTL, Super Junior, SS501 and DBSK. I like to go to the cinema and I like to watch DVD's at home. (I do every Saturday a DVD Night!!!^__^) I'm very interrested in Asia, mostly in Korea. I think Korea is a very interresting country and the culture is very interresting, too.

So enough from me! If someone wants to know more about me, then just ask. ^____^